Happy Halloween

Hey everyone. Here for the first time, it’s Erin! Yep, I finally figured out how to log into my own site. I recognize I am a sad, sad luddite. I’ll try to work on it. So anyhow, I’m uploading a large amount of my hideous poetry in honor of Samhain, I guess. I finished my midterm, so lucky me, I have some time before I have to be anywhere. 🙂
I’ll be carving a pumpkin, hopefully something cool looking, whether or not it’s scary. Then again, French maids aren’t really scary either, unless you consider short skirts frightening. Which I do…
Anyhow, I’m a college student majoring in English, though I’m prepping for grad school in Library Science, scheduled to start next year. I work for a hotel, where disasters have abounded in my first three weeks, and spend far too much time reading, writing, reading, drawing, reading, and hanging out with my boyfriend, plus the occasional Dungeons and Dragons session. I am bookworm, hear me roar.