So, here I am, just over one year later.
I’m still in graduate school (my last semester), working on my MA in English.
My grandmother passed away on March 18, at the age of 89.
Mark finally got his career going last August, and now works for Massage Envy.
I taught Appreciation of Literature last semester, and would have done so again this semester if there hadn’t been an un-fixable scheduling conflict. I had the choice to either teach or take the last class I needed for graduation. I chose to graduate.
I found out about this scheduling conflict on the day of my brother’s wedding, two days before the start of the semester. Yeah, that wasn’t stressful at all… 🙂
On the very positive note, I got engaged on Christmas Eve, and am now trying to plot a wedding sometime in August 2012. Unfortunately, all this school-type stuff seems to be taking precedence, especially since I have one big, fat, scary comprehensive exam on May 6, which determines whether or not my graduation is for real, or if I have to study again for the fall.
In the middle of all of this is the job search. I somehow didn’t equate the early application dates for education jobs with the reality of trying to do research, writing a CV and a personal statement, and scrounging for letters of recommendation in the middle of normal classwork and a part-time job.
All of these things give me a tendency to rant. Therefore, I will probably be posting more often. I may even manage to get the site updated with additional art and poetry, though, as you may have noticed, I almost always hope to get the site updated, and not much happens. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, huh?

Missing my life

The one thing I hate most about grad school is the way that I constantly feel like I’m missing my own life. Because of my crazy schedule where I’m gone at least thirteen and a half hours a day, four days a week, I’m never home, so I never see my parents. I only see my boyfriend on Fridays and Saturdays, since he’s working for our friend’s family on Sundays while I do my homework. Because I only see him two days a week, I never really take the time to see my other friends, who I miss like crazy. I need to just make arrangements to see them, and get over the whole boyfriend-time thing. But it sometimes feels like he’s the only safe harbor I have. I love my family, but sometimes, the whole expecting you will do well at everything gets a little overwhelming. He doesn’t keep reminding me of the next hurdle, just enjoys the time I have to spend with him. Sometimes he can be a little clingy, but I don’t mind too much, since I think that once we’re both in our careers, and maybe living at the same place, it will ease up.
I miss Lani. And Lena. I miss my extended family in Washington. I miss my big brother.
And I know that nothing will ease up until the end of May.
On a positive note, happy Spring Equinox/ Ostara!

And yet more procrastination.

Erin again.
I’m putting off the interminable 5 to 7 page compare and contrast paper that I’m supposed to do for my graduate seminar on the Victorians by playing around on the site, which I obviously haven’t updated much in years. Sigh.
However, I’m glad to be back in an English graduate program, even if it means writing all of these silly critical essays. If only I can convince myself to have an opinion, my paper might even be good. 🙂
I finally posted a real poem in the Poetry section. “Riddle” is something I wrote back in 11th grade, but I still like it. I’m planning to clean out my room over spring break, which may mean I end up posting a lot of new pictures, if I can ever get them scanned, cleaned, and posted.
The current plan involves updating this site a lot more often… but that’s almost always the plan, so no guarantees.
I hope to eventually have the “designs” section full of my line of womens’ bridal and formalwear designs. Maybe I’ll even eventually figure out how to sew.


Because I got distracted with Avatar, I now have 35 minutes to write a response to an essay and to read about 10 poems. Darn you, Lani! Darn you, Jay! Why do you have to be so darn interesting?!?


I have just realized I have no idea how to upload anything, after a few tries. Therefore, the poetry/stories/etc will have to wait until I can ask Lani for some advice. And get my papers turned in. Lucky me…
Anyway, I will refer to myself differently throughout the site, so for today, I think I’ll go by Serah. Why? Because I like it. It means cool stuff, and sounds like part of “seraphim”. Now why they aren’t the highest order of angel, I don’t know, ’cause honestly, who wants the cherubim to be best? It just doesn’t seem fair somehow. However, I think I better let my identity alone for the moment, and head off to write for French. God, I’m maybe doomed.

Happy Halloween

Hey everyone. Here for the first time, it’s Erin! Yep, I finally figured out how to log into my own site. I recognize I am a sad, sad luddite. I’ll try to work on it. So anyhow, I’m uploading a large amount of my hideous poetry in honor of Samhain, I guess. I finished my midterm, so lucky me, I have some time before I have to be anywhere. 🙂
I’ll be carving a pumpkin, hopefully something cool looking, whether or not it’s scary. Then again, French maids aren’t really scary either, unless you consider short skirts frightening. Which I do…
Anyhow, I’m a college student majoring in English, though I’m prepping for grad school in Library Science, scheduled to start next year. I work for a hotel, where disasters have abounded in my first three weeks, and spend far too much time reading, writing, reading, drawing, reading, and hanging out with my boyfriend, plus the occasional Dungeons and Dragons session. I am bookworm, hear me roar.