And yet more procrastination.

Erin again.
I’m putting off the interminable 5 to 7 page compare and contrast paper that I’m supposed to do for my graduate seminar on the Victorians by playing around on the site, which I obviously haven’t updated much in years. Sigh.
However, I’m glad to be back in an English graduate program, even if it means writing all of these silly critical essays. If only I can convince myself to have an opinion, my paper might even be good. 🙂
I finally posted a real poem in the Poetry section. “Riddle” is something I wrote back in 11th grade, but I still like it. I’m planning to clean out my room over spring break, which may mean I end up posting a lot of new pictures, if I can ever get them scanned, cleaned, and posted.
The current plan involves updating this site a lot more often… but that’s almost always the plan, so no guarantees.
I hope to eventually have the “designs” section full of my line of womens’ bridal and formalwear designs. Maybe I’ll even eventually figure out how to sew.

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