Missing my life

The one thing I hate most about grad school is the way that I constantly feel like I’m missing my own life. Because of my crazy schedule where I’m gone at least thirteen and a half hours a day, four days a week, I’m never home, so I never see my parents. I only see my boyfriend on Fridays and Saturdays, since he’s working for our friend’s family on Sundays while I do my homework. Because I only see him two days a week, I never really take the time to see my other friends, who I miss like crazy. I need to just make arrangements to see them, and get over the whole boyfriend-time thing. But it sometimes feels like he’s the only safe harbor I have. I love my family, but sometimes, the whole expecting you will do well at everything gets a little overwhelming. He doesn’t keep reminding me of the next hurdle, just enjoys the time I have to spend with him. Sometimes he can be a little clingy, but I don’t mind too much, since I think that once we’re both in our careers, and maybe living at the same place, it will ease up.
I miss Lani. And Lena. I miss my extended family in Washington. I miss my big brother.
And I know that nothing will ease up until the end of May.
On a positive note, happy Spring Equinox/ Ostara!

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